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Joe & The Method Podcast


Joe & The Method Podcast


"Joe & The Method" Podcast

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"Everyone talks about being authentic and offering value, but no one really tells you how to get there. I found me, now let's find you."

- Joe Salazar III, Esq.

UPDATE: 6/1/18

These seven podcasts complete the first of the first stage of The Salazar Method, "Personal Growth & Professional Development," and they will soon be followed by recordings for the next two stages: "Message Development & Presentation Delivery," and "Leadership, Team Building, & Corporate Culture." 

Currently, I am finishing the draft for the first book in the series, "The Salazar Method: Personal Growth & Professional Development," and it will be completed by August 10th. At that point, I'll start working with publishers. 

Personal Growth & Professional Development


Day 1: Biology

It's about recognizing the biological traits that will provide you an advantage in the world and building a career on those that matter to you most. 

Day 2: Belief

By exercising good judgment, you can avoid a life of pain. The reasons for your beliefs are not created equal, yet they say more about you than the ideas they support.

Day 3: Conviction

The core of who you are. The convictions that drive you serve as the reference point for determining whether you are living up to the standards that define you.

Day 4: Identity

It's not just about who you want to be, it's about how you manifest that in the real world. But even if the two don't match up, it's never too late to move forward.

Day 5: Vision

No more discovering, it's about creating your own life. Overcome self-esteem to maintain your vision over time, crossing the finish line to join others who have earned that right.

Day 6: Purpose

The concept that drives us mad or pushes to great heights. Te secret lies in knowing that you are not the beneficiary of your action. The reward belongs to others.

Day 7: Personal Pitch

The apex of the philosophy. Learn to communicate your greatest value in return for the opportunity to live the life you envision. 

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"Joe & The Method" Podcast

"Joe & The Method" Podcast