Message Development & Presentation Delivery

We all care about personal topics because they directly relate to our quality of life. And by focusing on this fact, you can ensure that even your most academic ideas are grounded in reality. Yet your words must relate to the human experience because it involves issues that concern us all. But if you miss this point, your words will fail to add any real value. My approach will help you focus on the personal so that your message is meaningful and relevant to those listening. Most importantly, it will teach you to bridge the gap between the ideas you believe in and your audience's own needs and desires. 

Additionally, my approach does not rely on memorized speeches or confidence building techniques. It is built on the foundation that public speaking is simply "having a private conversation out loud." And the communication principles at play with an audience are the same that apply when speaking one-on-one: be vulnerable, purposeful, and brave. Despite this perspective, the fear of public speaking is usually magnified by number of people watching. But by learning to speak from your own set of convictions, you will find that your message becomes resilient to criticism and your delivery much more intimate.