Personal Consultation on The Salazar Method

The Salazar Method addresses the areas of Belief, Conviction, Identity, Vision, Pitch development, and finally, it ensures that there is an organic connection between your Vision and your Pitch. Here, "Pitch" refers to the message and key insights you desire to share with an audience, and/or literally the pitch for your business (i.e., the unique value that only you can bring to your clients).

Additionally, The Salazar Method is built on communication principles necessary for an "authentic" message: be vulnerable, purposeful, and brave. Bottom Line: unless you analyze your belief system you cannot trust the vision that guides you (Belief & Conviction); before an audience can make sense of your message, you must help them to "see the world through your eyes" by sharing the purpose that inspires you to action (Identify & Vision); and finally, if your words are to offer any value to those listening, you must be willing to ground them in an emotional center and explain how your insights and/or business will improve their quality of life (Pitch). 

On the other hand, traditional public speaking coaches usually focus on reducing fear and stage fright by using techniques that are guaranteed to boost your confidence while allowing you to command an audience. But trying to reduce fear and anxiety robs you of the spontaneity and honesty required for public speaking. And only by speaking from your own set of convictions will you ever be captivating and relevant.

The Salazar Method doesn't rely on cold and tired techniques which do not take into account just how fickle and volatile an audience can be. My approach recognizes that public speaking is simply "having a private conversation out loud." And the communication principles at play with an audience are the same that apply when speaking to someone one-on-one: be vulnerable, purposeful, and brave.

Only by bringing the secret truth of our convictions out in to the public forum will we ever have a chance of making a meaningful impact. And those who have been considered game changers and thought leaders have realized this truth. Their public speaking skills weren't the value, but the vision that came through was. And that is what your business partners, team members, and clients want: to know your vision.