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"Joe & The Method" Podcast


"Joe & The Method" Podcast


"Joe & The Method" Podcast

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"It's about sharing the best of what we got. Everyone talks about being authentic and offering value - and that's great!!! But no one really tells you how to get there. I found me, now let's find you. Bottom line: know your convictions and the world will know you."

- Joe Salazar III

UPDATE: 1/13/18

Series 1, Days 1 - 7, completes the "Personal Growth & Professional Development" Section of The Salazar Method. There are more podcasts than those listed here, so if yo're interested,  please subscribe on the platform of your choice to listen hear them all!

Currently, I am finishing the first book that is based on this section, and it will be completed by May 1st. At that point, I'll start working with publishers. Once the book is ready for publication, I'll start recording podcasts for the second section/book: "Message Development & Presentation Delivery."

(9/12/17) Series 1, Day 7 - Personal Pitch: From Biology to Purpose. “Personal Pitch” allows you to be fulfilled and successful by offering the greatest value to the world in return for the opportunity to fulfill your Vision.

(8/13/17) Series 1, Day 6 - Purpose: The singular word and concept has been the focus of almost everyone's life. You will know it when you feel it, because you will be driven to benefit the lives of someone other than yourself.

(8/8/17) Series 1, Day 5 - Vision: No more discovering, it's about creating your life. Overcome self-esteem to maintain your vision over time - and cross the finish line with others who have earned that right.

(8/4/17) Series 1, Day 4 - Identity: It's not just about who you want to be, it's about how you manifest that in the real world. But even if the two don't match up, it's never too late to move forward.

(8/2/17) Series 1, Day 3 - Conviction:The concept that started it all. If you listen to just ONE. Whatever you do, and if ever you speak, always ask: Do you have a message, and will you stand alone to defend it.

(8/22/17) Series 1, Day 2 - Belief: By exercising good judgment, we can avoid a life of pain. But not all justifications for our beliefs are created equal. The ones you choose not only say something about your beliefs, but you as well.

(8/19/17) Series 1, Day 1 - Biology: It's not just about recognizing the biological traits that will provide you with an advantage, it's also about accepting the traits you need to engage in order to be fulfilled.